How to Save on Your Move? What the big moving companies wont tell you

What the big companies wont tell you

  1. Pack yourself to save on labor costs
  2. You can find free moving boxes on Craigslist or Facebook Market 
  3. Save space in your moving truck by donating stuff you dont need and claim a tax deduction 
  4. Rent a moving truck yourself and hire RenoMoves to load and unload you.
  5. Look up portable storage units like PODS. You hire RenoMoves to load you up and the company simply moves it for you .
  6. Have a yard sale before your big move.
  7. Ask your real estate agent if they supply a free moving truck for local moves.

How to cut cost and get your move done faster

🔹️Package your flat screen TVs and computer monitors in their original boxes if you have it;  It’s great protection against breaking it.

🔹️Moving locally? Drive small items to the new place yourself, this way the movers can focus on your big heavy items and save you time and money. 

🔹️Have beds and dresser mirrors already disassembled before your movers arrive. 

🔹️Make sure to have a clear pathway for your movers to get around promptly but safely 

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